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Most adult sex games are nice and all, but most of them do come with 3D computer rendered graphics and even though it might look very realistic and life-like an interactive game for adults with real porn action is as realistic as it gets. So if you are in for some interactive and realistic sex game stories, then you should check out Lifeselector as it is just that and it comes with a lot of different and engaging adult stories to go through. You are in control of how the story develops and thing depend on the decision you take while the sex adventure is moving on and when you get to the hot stuff you get to control the sex action as well. It is quick and easy to get started and you should give it a try.

Here is an example – get in the role of an undercover cop that needs to undertake a dangerous mission investigating a mafia clan? If you are in for the mission you would end up with an interesting surprise as your mission may turn out to be more challenging than you expected it to be – you will have to seduce the daughter of the Don and fuck her to be able to get all of the secrets you need. But if you slip up things may not go so well for you, so be careful. This is just one of the many interactive scenarios that you have available to choose from allowing you to live up to your sex fantasies taking up different roles and scenarios and going through the whole role playing scenario choosing what to happen. Your new sex adventures await you and you will not regret living your sex fantasies in an interactive and as realistic as it gets game-like form, there are literally hundreds of adult adventures waiting for you.

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This is something especially for the fans of the game Warcraft including World of Warcraft that just want to see some more adult action and have some sex fun with the characters of the game Warcarft in a different and a more realistic looking setup. You can say that this is one of the best looking fantasy sex game out there and the interesting thing is that it is a fan developed game and has nothing to do with the Warcraft series, apart form the fact that everything is happening in the Warcraft world.


Now, Whorecraft is not a typical sex simulator that it is all about sex, it is more of an RPG with a lot of funny situations and choices that you make including the possibility to have many different sex partners from different races and genders from the game. In some situations you can resort to sex, but you can also resolve them without having to fuck everyone you meet, though you will probably want to try that as well. The game Whorecraft already has a few episodes available for download and just in time for the holidays a special XXXmas Episode has been released for you to enjoy. So again, if you are a fan of Warcraft or World of Warcraft you will want to take a look at the game Whorecraft it will give you something fresh and new to play with.

For more information and to download the episodes of Whorecraft…

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ActiveDolls is a Sexy Girl Simulation Game for adults, that runs offline on your computer – you don’t have to be online to play it. Once installed you will play with the most beautiful 3D virtual models and shoot the hottest sex scenes immediately with the girl you create to suit your own fantasies. You can select a girl among 6 different sexy base models, where each of these activedolls has her own attitude, voice, measurements and unique garments.

And then you go in the dressing room, where you not only you can dress the model as you want, but also choose the make-up, skin tone, select tattoos, add piercings, apply body oil… and more. You have the full control and a lot of options to choose from in order to customize the look of the 3D virtual girl that you are almost ready to gain full control of.

And then it is time for you to take full control over the action, and start your own porn photoshoot by telling the models what to do and how to act and then controlling the camera and taking photos of the action. What more can you want from a porn game that a good graphics, full control over the action and a lot of hot naked girls that are ready to do whatever you want them to.

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