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How about you play a new type of an FPS game for a change, how does an XXX First Person Shooter Adventure Game sounds to you? I’m sure I’ve got your attention as there are not a lot of games that combine a good shooting action with some nice looking nude babes and a lot of sex as a part of the story of the game. What more can you ask for from a good porn game?!

In the game 3D Sex Trooper Escape you are special agent Dylan Owens of the Genetic development Ministry. A situation has developed in the departments most secret research locations. You have been called upon to investigate why contact has been lost with the station and determine the status of the top secret alpha female engineering program. And while you investigate some very hot sex action is awaiting for you.

In the 3D Sex Trooper Resurrection episode if you are successful in fulfilling your mission you will be rewarded with a never-ending wave of cyberbabe whores to serve you, but Fail and it could mean a lifetime of shameful masturbation staring at pictures of your grandmother naked.

In the 3D Sex Trooper Revenge episode another alternative XXX adventure is waiting for you and the action changes each month, so the game never gets boring no matter how long you play it… and how can an XXX FPS game ever get boring when you have hot naked girls around you and you take the time off to satisfy them good.

To download and play the 3D Sex Trooper XXX FPS Game…

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