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This is something especially for the fans of the game Warcraft including World of Warcraft that just want to see some more adult action and have some sex fun with the characters of the game Warcarft in a different and a more realistic looking setup. You can say that this is one of the best looking fantasy sex game out there and the interesting thing is that it is a fan developed game and has nothing to do with the Warcraft series, apart form the fact that everything is happening in the Warcraft world.


Now, Whorecraft is not a typical sex simulator that it is all about sex, it is more of an RPG with a lot of funny situations and choices that you make including the possibility to have many different sex partners from different races and genders from the game. In some situations you can resort to sex, but you can also resolve them without having to fuck everyone you meet, though you will probably want to try that as well. The game Whorecraft already has a few episodes available for download and just in time for the holidays a special XXXmas Episode has been released for you to enjoy. So again, if you are a fan of Warcraft or World of Warcraft you will want to take a look at the game Whorecraft it will give you something fresh and new to play with.

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The Velvet Express is an highly interactive virtual sex simulator situated in the 30’s of the past century. And thanks to the new, physics driven, animation engine in The Velvet Express for the first time in the genre, the sexual encounters do have a lively and realistic feeling. The sex in The Velvet Express is interactive,this means besides watching the animation one can also control the rhythm and force of the intercourse. The result is a fluid and lively animation which tends to tickle the senses.

Watch, Play and Record the hot sex action in the game. In the The Velvet Express you can also effortlessly record movie clips of his actions. The resulting movie clips are compatible with common movie players/editing software so after finishing with the game you can even share the recorded video footage. The Velvet Express features: Realistic interactive sex using an advanced, physics driven, animation system; Beautiful 3D scenery with detailed characters; Nearly 60 different sex positions to choose from; Record your own porn movie clips from the gameplay; Four distinct female characters, in their own settings; Multiple male avatars to choose from.

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