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A new and quite interesting adult game called 3D GoGo 2 is now available giving you the opportunity to get some hot and sexy 3D virtual dancers to start stripping and dancing naked to your favorite music – no matter what kind of music you like. The girls can dance to just about any music you have, just play it with Windows Media Player or another music player and 3D GoGo 2 will pick up the rhythm of the song and the girl dancer will start doing her thing on the dance floor… she will of course start stripping while dancing.


The best of all is that you get full control of the action and are able to customize the girls’ appearance as much as you want – you can customize dancers breasts, nipples, pussy, hair and eye color. You can also collect styles like schoolgirl or latex to dress up your babes and have them fulfill a hot fantasy that you might have… though it is only dancing and stripping here, not going any further – there are other sex games allowing you to get more into the action.

To make things a bit more challenging you can activate the 3D GoGo 2 Game mode which is essentially a DDR style beat matching game where you hit arrows in time to the music. Of course you play with your own customized 3D girl. To go a level up and get even more excitement and realism you can also use an Oculus Rift VR headset as the game apparently does have support for that accessory as well, so go full virtual reality in 3D GoGo 2 sex game.

More info about the 3D GoGo 2 Dancing and Stripping game and try it out…

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Strip Kittens is not actually a game, but instead a virtual simulation of hot 3D girls dancing and stripping to your favorite music. Hot virtual girls that strip from their casual clothes to their sexy lingerie and then down to nothing, totally naked while dancing to the music you love to listen to. So sit back and enjoy the show, just select your favorite MP3 files and you are go.

At the moment there are 7 different girls you can choose from, so you can vary the experience by getting another girl to dance and strip for you and to the music you love. Different girls fitting different preferences, but getting all the models will provide you with the most fun as each of these virtual strippers has something unique to show you.

For more information about the Strip Kittens virtual naked 3D strip dancers…

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