Pack your staffs and ready your swords, because the highly anticipated sexy Sci-Fi/Fantasy parody game for adults called BoneCraft is coming. Captain Fort Worth and his rowdy crew of Space Wranglers and Robots will plunge their ship into the Orc and Elf-filled fantasy land of BoneCraft on January 12, 2012. The first-person hack-and-slash shooter game is an adult adventure into a parody world reminding you a lot of World of Warcraft or The Star Wars universe, but done in the way it should’ve been right from the start – naked babes walking all around you, participating in orgies and a having a lot of sex.

Everyone who has ever played a fantasy or sci-fi game has wondered what it would be like to go all the way with the sexiest creatures in the galaxy and now, in BoneCraft, you can do exactly this. In the game, the player will use the Captain’s skills of seduction and his team’s expertise in interstellar extinction to search the hostile environment of their new planet for the galaxy’s Holy Grail: the Elf Queen and her band of naughty minions. And after finding these naughty Elfs the real adult fun begins.

Somewhere, in some galaxy, a peaceful land of orcs and elves is about to be torn apart.

A mighty spacecraft hurtles through the sky, filled with invaders from a planet far away. They call themselves the Good Ol’ Boys, but the elves fear nothing good will come of their visit. These drunken space marines are about to discover that the planet harbors the most precious commodity in the universe: elf pussy.

Can the elves vanquish this new enemy before they discover the secret elf brothels? Will the horny orcs be able to resist the charms of their sexy elf neighbors? And how will they defeat the most frightening enemy of all?

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ActiveDolls is a Sexy Girl Simulation Game for adults, that runs offline on your computer – you don’t have to be online to play it. Once installed you will play with the most beautiful 3D virtual models and shoot the hottest sex scenes immediately with the girl you create to suit your own fantasies. You can select a girl among 6 different sexy base models, where each of these activedolls has her own attitude, voice, measurements and unique garments.

And then you go in the dressing room, where you not only you can dress the model as you want, but also choose the make-up, skin tone, select tattoos, add piercings, apply body oil… and more. You have the full control and a lot of options to choose from in order to customize the look of the 3D virtual girl that you are almost ready to gain full control of.

And then it is time for you to take full control over the action, and start your own porn photoshoot by telling the models what to do and how to act and then controlling the camera and taking photos of the action. What more can you want from a porn game that a good graphics, full control over the action and a lot of hot naked girls that are ready to do whatever you want them to.

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With the Game 3D Girlz you’ll be able to create the girl of your dreams with the right appearance and features that you always wanted to fuck in the real live and then choose where you want o have sex for the action to begin. The best of all is that you have full control over everything that is happening on the screen. How about a threesome with and asian and a blonde girl, or a doggy style with a brunette, or help a sexy readhead play with some adult toys on her own. 3D Girlz is an interactive game where you control all the action.

Say good bye to reality and step into the hottest and most advanced virtual sex game in the world! 3D Girlz is designed by professional artists taking great care to achieve the highest degree of realism ever seen in a virtual sex game! Every girl and action is completely motion captured giving them and their bodies the most fluid and life like movements possible. Tons of different options are available when selecting your sex slave before pounding her in your virtual world! Numerous high detail locations can be selected for you and your virtual play toy to act out your fantasies in! Solo, girl on guy, lesbian and even threesome action also available.

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